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How to Make the Most of a Smaller Home

If you’ve watched much TV recently you’ve likely seen a reality show about tiny homes. While mobile homes aren’t exactly tiny, they are smaller than more traditional homes. That means there is a certain amount of creativity needed to make the most out of your smaller home. Arranging your furniture and other items is more important in a smaller space than it would be in a larger home.

When space is at a premium, every square foot counts. That means you’ll want to get rid of things you don’t need or use. Decide which items in your home are a must have, and which ones are just collecting dust. You can have a yard sale or list your unneeded items for sale online. You can also donate them to charity.

Consider renting a storage unit to keep some of your belongings without having them take up valuable space in your home. You can keep seasonal items in storage and bring them out when you actually need them.

Maximizing space in your home can be a bit tricky at times. There are lots of furniture items that can double as storage spaces if you look around for them. Clutter might not seem so bad in a large home, but it will feel much worse in a small space. Consider furniture that can serve dual purposes such as a daybed.

Reimagining your space is a good way to come up with creative alternatives to arrange the rooms in your home. You don’t have to arrange things in the same way as they were in your last residence. Consider different uses for each room, sometimes it works better to use the designated bedroom as an office or use the living room as a bedroom.

There are plenty of ways to make the most of a smaller home. If you find yourself needing more space, you can consider upgrading to a doublewide mobile home. Contact Academy Homes today for all your mobile home needs.

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