Home Developers & Contractors

Through our partnership with Champion, Cavco, and Clayton homes, we at Academy Homes are able to offer our unique services to local developers and property managers. Whether building a mobile home park, a subdivision, or just multiple properties, Academy Homes has the right manufactured homes for your job.

Why Go Manufactured?

  • Quality. Factory-built manufactured homes offer quality unmatched by custom-built homes. Each mobile or modular home purchased from Academy Homes comes with a factory warranty that covers all defects.
  • Consistency. Nothing is worse than finishing a job only to find out that several quirks have come up and reared their ugly head. With manufactured homes from Academy Homes and our partners, each home you order will be exactly as you ordered, every time. No surprises, no hassle.
  • Price. Perhaps most importantly, price can be a large factor in any home purchase. In any home-building situation, surprise expenses and contractor fees can add up fast. Manufactured homes from Academy Homes cost a fraction of custom homes, saving you tens of thousands of dollars with each purchase.

The reasons add up quick. Manufactured homes can save you time, money, and headaches - so if you're a developer, contact Academy Homes today!


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